Sadomasochism – ‘Ideas in Psychoanalysis’ series

Sadomasochism - UK coverSadomasoquismo - Brazil coverSadomasochismo - Italy coverSadomazohizam - Croatia coverSeri Gagasan Psikoanalisis Sadomasokhis

Last published by Centro Scientifico Torinese (2006)

Part of the Ideas in Psychoanalysis series that explains psychoanalytic concepts, their relevance to everyday life, and their ability to illuminate the nature of human society and culture.

Editions and publications, in reverse chronological order

Sadomasochismo, Le parole della Psicoanalisi – Centro Scientifico Torinese (2006)

Sadomazohizam – Naklada Jesenski i Turk Zagreb (2006)

Sadomasoquismo, Conceitos da Psicanalise – Translated into Portuguese by Viver mente & cerebro (2005)

Sadomasokhis – Tree Sukma, Jakarta (2003)

Sadomasochism – Icon Books UK and Totem Books USA (2002)